Friday, June 12, 2009

I have customer on Fixya that has A Whirlpool Side by side model # GS6SHAXLS03 We have been going in circles on resolving this problem and I need all the expert's and Pro's to be in involved to relsolve this. Here are some of the notes from that post that began with an incorrect model number. Photos will come later. Please note I am sponsor friendly and support most including As I will post them on my bog

The link to the Fixya blog is

My first solution was OK, I show parts that are available for that model, sounds like the control board is defective for your dispenser, or possibly the Ice maker control board. It also could be a break in the wiring or the control itself. Below is a break down for those parts, wiring and the control behind the push to dispense ice or water. Hope it is not that control because some places don't provide that part. Now if it's a connection problem that we can find, I will do my best to help you solve this. Could you insure the model number is correct as this is very important? I will need to make the photos smaller to post them here, but will be updating my site later through the day. Thanks to Everyone, Asianjade

Wow we need technician Brian for this one.

Yes, I have been scrambling my brains on this one. The customer is really interested in getting it fixed. I did a lot of research and about the only thing I can come to is either the controls on front of dispenser and behind the buttons has short or the auger motor is defective. Hey, JW go to my site I have posted in the first post and look at the photos. Let me know when Brian will be back. I have noticed that all our sponsors have limited info because of copyright issues. Promised the wife and daughter I will take them to Beach to night, so I too may be late getting the info. Later and thanks JW, Asianjade/Sea Breeze

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