Friday, June 12, 2009


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Here are their last remarks from them to me, J. Webster>>> John, I have attached the photos. I verified that it is a Whirlpool model GS6SHAXLS03.The fork object is not turning. The closing of the ice dispenser flap is the noise heard after releasing the ice dispenser button(s). The two screws which hold the object which turns the fork, seen in last pictures with ice container removed, are not loose. I can press the object down - it is inside a small metal ring - and it returns to its normal position. Thx againJW go to my site evey so often because the site refreshes after new post, Hey Thanks, For the information JW, Asiianjade/Sea Breeze

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  1. make sure the gas is turned off. Use the right size wrench because brass and aluminum fittings strip very easy. Sometimes it is easy using a 2nd wrench as a support wrench. When re-installing parts, use gas teflon tape or approved sealant on all joints. Do not over tighten joints, again, brass and aluminum fittings strip very easy. Gas Appliance Repair